Texas concealed carry prohibited locations?

Certain businesses and other places that are considered prohibited places for firearms under Penal Code Sec. A person is subject to prosecution under this prohibition only if he received notice that entry to the property of a licensee with a concealed handgun was prohibited, or that staying on the property with a concealed handgun was prohibited and did not leave. I don't know how the Texas courts have interpreted a 30.06 violation, but 30.06 addresses have only been hidden and 30.07 addresses have only been opened. Texas law requires that a sign be placed prominently on the premises notifying that it is illegal to carry a weapon on the premises, unless the person has a license to carry the weapon and is a properly concealed firearm.

Texas law specifically allows license holders to carry concealed guns on post-secondary school campuses, except on parts of campuses of private institutions that have established rules prohibiting concealed guns in certain areas, as long as schools have posted adequate notices about the ban. The new Texas law does not grant the right to carry a gun to anyone who was prohibited before the new law went into effect. States can change their laws at any time, but you can check the current Texas statutes using this search tool. It is also a crime for a licensee to openly carry a handgun (even in a holster) on the premises of any higher education institution that has prohibited carrying open weapons and has issued appropriate notices.

I hope to shed light on Texas state laws regarding carrying a firearm in businesses that don't allow it and the differences between a 30.06 sign and a 30.07 sign. According to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, if a company earns 51% of its revenue from the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on premises, it must post a “51” sign. Texas law generally states that it is a defense to prosecution under these location restriction laws that a person carries a handgun in a restricted premises or property, but has immediately left the premises or property after personally receiving notice that carrying a firearm. A person without a license has the right to ignore 30,06 and 30,07 signs UNLESS the sign has additional language, such as a 30.07 sign that says OPEN CARRY FORBIDDEN, then it also prohibits carrying without a license but apparently not wearing concealed without a license, but a 30.06 or 30.07 sign that also says NO FIREARMS and maybe even NO GUNS would now completely ban the transport of firearms, even long guns and perhaps even knives as well if a prosecutor wants to be adventurous.

Now, people who qualify under the law can carry a gun in a public place in Texas without a license to carry (LTC). An honorably retired Texas police officer can get a discount on the LTC fees the state charges for processing the license. However, it is still a crime in Texas to purposely display a gun in a public place, in full view of another person, unless the gun is holstered. Although Texas still issues licenses to carry handguns, you no longer need a permit to carry a handgun in most places, unless you are under 21 or cannot legally own a gun.

Texas law gives most private owners the power to choose whether they want to allow guns on their property or not.

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